High-tech concrete machinery:

Concrete block machines | Hollow core slabs machine| Beams machines

We are a leading manufacturer of concrete block machines, hollow core slab machines and concrete beams machines for the production of precast and prestressed concrete elements.
All our equipments are high-tech and offer great performance, high production and optimum quality of the final product.


Precast concrete slabs machine and concrete beams machinery



Hollow core slab machines to manufacture hollow core slabs for flooring, prestressed simple t beams, prestressed double t beams, hollow beams, double beams, solid slabs, hollow core slabs for wall panels, terrace units for stadiums, tt slabs, etc.


Concrete block machines to manufacture blocks, bricks, kerbs, pavers,...


Concrete block machinery to manufacture concrete blocks, precast bricks, partition blocks, infill blocks, flooring blocks, kerbs, pavers, claustras, etc.

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