Six Examples of Constructions with Concrete Beams and Slabs

Concrete beams machinery

Tensyland is a system which fabricates prestressed hollow core concrete beams and slabs, a set of equipment for the manufacturing of prestressed concrete, which incorporates all phases of the process: the preparation of the tracks on which the pieces are made; the fabrication or moulding; and the cutting and extraction.

Tensyland is a completely versatile machine which permits the fabrication of a wide range of profiles with a simple change of cast, like concrete beams and slabs. It can be used to fabricate all types of solutions for prefabricated structures, with a height of up to 50 cm, optimum quality, and fast, simple fabrication. Tensyland facilitates the creation of high-quality building works with a minimum turnaround time.

The main advantages of using hollow core slabs and prestressed beams are the high quality of the pieces, savings on materials and labour, greater resistance and protection against fire, and the speed of transportation and assembly of the pieces. Furthermore, Tensyland fabricates concrete beams and slabs for all types of construction works. Here are some examples of where hollow core slabs and prestressed concrete can be used with optimum results:


Shopping Centres and Superstores

In this case, the hollow core slabs permit the construction of the mezzanine systems to support the vertical loads and to distribute the horizontal loads adequately. These hollow core slabs can also be used as dividing walls, enclosing walls, façades, etc.

Auditoriums and University Lecture Halls

Apart from the structural elements, here L-shaped hollow core slabs can be used to construct grandstands.

Car Parks

The hollow core slabs permit the configuration of the different floors and reduce the number of support sections, thus avoiding columns and allowing for a much more efficient use of space.

Housing Blocks

Hollow core slabs are used for the suspended flooring.

Industrial Warehouses

In this case, the slabs can be used as enclosing walls. The slabs can include gaps for windows and doors. (For more information, read our article on Industrial Warehouses.)

Bridges and Walkways

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