Installation for the production of prestressed beams and hollow core slabs machines

Prestressed concrete machinery: hollow core slabs machines

Prestressed concrete machinery

Since 1959, Prensoland has been designing and manufacturing hollow core slabs machines equipment for the production of prestressed and precast concrete elements. Over the years, we have developed our technology to fulfil market demands and the needs of our Customers.

The hollow core slabs machines Tensyland are a process which comprises various machines and auxiliary equipment for production of prestressed concrete slabs and beams. Using the highest technology available, the system is based around the Tensyland casting machine, designed to produce all types of profiles upon purpose built casting beds.

Tensyland hollow core slab machines are available for various daily production levels depending on the equipments and machinery installed.

Different examples of products that can be manufactured with the Tensyland casting machine

Vinyard and fence posts
Simple T beams
Double T beams
Hollow beams
Double beams
Solid slabs
Hollow core slabs for flooring
Hollow core slabs for wall panels
Terrace unit for stadiums
tt slabs, etc.