Tensyland EV-6

The molding machine EV-6 is a Tensyland EV-5 type upgrade mounting #2 wheel driving transmission instead of the cable drum.

It is conceived to the production of precast concrete elements in pre-stressed concrete such as ‘T’ beams, hollow beams hollow core slabs for floors up to màximum thickness 500 mm. and for claddding walls.

Possibility to incorporate a PLC for the production of parassismic side indented slabs iHCS according to EuroCode 2, EN-1992 and various profiles with exposed wires in the end and ‘carantage’.


  • Profile change can be achieved in 5 minutes.
  • Versatility in product range.
  • Minimum maintenance.
  • No wear parts.
  • Working speed up to 3 m/min.
  • Easy machine operation.
  • Achieved strength up to 60 MPa.
  • Average density of 2,4.
  • Important energy saving (total power 16 kW).
  • One stage moulding.
  • Excellent bond around the wires avoiding bond slip.
  • Vibration frequency electronically adjusted.
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