Angle Saw CF-1300

Precast concrete slabs and beams machines

Sawing machine for cutting prestressed concrete beams and hollow core slabs by means of a diamond blade maximum diametre 1300 mm for maximum cutting height 500 mm (also available for higher depths).

With turning carriage, which allows to carry out cross, longitudinal or diagonal cuttings at any angle.


Technical features

  • Self-regulated cutting speed.
  • Maximum cutting height 500 mm Available for higher depths.
  • Blade Ø ranging from 800 to 1300 mm.
  • Automatic and programmable control panel.
  • Touch data screen with various programmes to carry out different cutting cycles.
  • Enrollers for the electric cable and water hose.
  • Water tank with pressure unit.
  • Blade motor 55 kW.
  • Telescopic guard for cutting blade, with automatic positioning system.
  • Optional slurry cleaning system.
  • Option for programmed cuts.



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