Multi-angle saw CF-1300

Semi-autonomous saw, with a rotating head designed to crosscut as well as longitudinal or any angular of pre-stressed concrete elements (beams, lintels, hollow core slabs, solid slabs, other). by mean a diamond disk of maximum diameter 1300 mm for parts up to 500 mm. thick (higher thicknesses available). It mounts a 1.300 l. water tank or a 280l. with a water reel.

The cut is fully automated, adjusting the speed and power of the blade continuously to maximise the cutting speed. Various safety devices come standard, blade lid protection, e-stops among others, safety is a priority on our machinery.

Optionally you can add the autonomous feature, the machine will work autonomously, without operator's supervision, having Wi-Fi or 4G connection, you can send the cuts from any computer or mobile device directly to the cutting machine.


  • Self adjusted cutting speed.
  • Maximum cutting thickness 500 mm. Other thicknesses available.
  • Disk diameter from 800 to 1300 mm.
  • Control panel with Programmable Logic Controller.
  • Touchscreen display to enable the cut of the parts according to different programs.
  • Winders for the electrical cable and the water hose.
  • Auxiliary water tank with pressure unit.
  • Disk driving asynchronous motor 55kW.
  • Telescopic lid to protect the cutting disk during the automàtic positioning.
  • Optional cutting sludge cleaning System.
  • Optional pre-programmed cut along the casting bed.
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