Block making machine in Univers Plancher, Rabat, Morocco

Block making machine in Rabat, Morocco

Block making machine:The company Univers Plancher, based in Rabat, acquired the new plant for manufacturing blocks, infiller blocks and kerb stones along with a complete concreting unit to replace existing machinery. The process of assembling the new line was carried out in three weeks thanks to the collaboration and involvement provided by the client at all times and the professionalism of our technical team accompanying and advising them throughout the process from the beginning of the work until the machine was working at full capacity.

One of the great advantages of the new block making machine in Rabat is the system designed for extracting pieces, which eliminates the need to use wooden pallets for transporting them to the site or any additional handling system (such as special clamps for handling packages). This represents a significant cost saving in the process of selling and distributing products, since the customer avoids all the costs associated with the removal of the pallets (purchase, transport, maintenance, etc.).

Another of the requirements highlighted by the customer when it came to choosing the block making machine to install was the need to obtain highly durable products while reducing the consumption of concrete to the minimum – an objective that was achieved with the installation of the Vibrocompacta Press.

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