Complementary Machines for producing concrete beams and hollow core slabs

concrete beams machinery
Our plants for manufacturing concrete beams and prestressed concrete hollow core slabs have complementary and/or auxiliary machines to optimise production


In addition to the Casting Machine for the production of prestressed concrete beams and hollow core slabs, it is essential to have a series of complementary machines. There are also other auxiliary systems which, while not essential for manufacturing, enable us to increase the degree of automation and production.


The complementary items needed are the tension reinforcement machine, the cutting machine and the high-pressure washer for the casting machine, the concrete skip and the mixing system.The lifting tongs and transportation for the manufactured pieces can also be included in this group.


The auxiliary systems are the trolleys for the extension of reinforcements along the track, track cleaning and spreading machines, stamping machines for the prestressed pieces, trolleys for the extraction, transportation and stacking of the pieces at the end of the track or in the warehouse area, machines to extract the fresh concrete to make holes and cuts in the hollow core slabs and other types of special machinery for occasional tasks.


It is essential to study the needs according to each production site in order to determine whether complementary machinery is required and which machines are the best solution for each process, as there are many models on the market from which to choose.
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