Maintenance and Durability of Tensyland concrete casting Machine

concrete casting machine
All Prensoland machinery requires only minimum maintenance. In the installation of the concrete casting machine specifically, which does not have mobile parts subjected to friction, the maintenance operations are basically limited to cleaning the machine with pressurised water after casting each piece. At the end of each working day, simply remove the cast refiner to clean it thoroughly, without having to disassemble any other part. This cleaning process usually takes around thirty minutes.In addition, daily maintenance tasks should include the application of a release agent to the parts which are in contact with the concrete, and the checking of oil and grease levels on the vibrators and the traction reducers.

Similarly, the cost of the maintenance operations on our concrete casting machine is very low, compared with other types of machines. The Tensyland concrete casting machines are also more robust in terms of structure and casts owing to their simplicity and the lack of mobile parts. As a result, there is no premature or permanent wear and tear which requires constant care and replacements. Indeed, the machine maintenance (with respect to replacements) is limited to changing the rubber gasket seals, vibrator ballbearings, and transmission belts due to natural wear and tear.

The lifespan of the casts, which are the most fragile part because they are subjected to constant abrasion from the concrete, is between seven and eight years (calculating a normal and continuous frequency of work). In this respect, the cost of replacements and maintenance for the Tensyland installations can be considered to be practically nil, in terms of its durability. The lifespan of these machines is very long: some are still operating after over twenty years and producing quality prefabricated items. If the minimal daily maintenance operationsare performed assiduously, these concrete casting machine can last for many years. This means that once the payment plan is completed, they are completely profitable.

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