Cutting machines of prestressed hollowcore slabs and beams

hollowcore slabs
Tensyland is a system made up of a group of machines for producing prestressed hollowcore slabs and beams. The production of these prestressed slabs and beams is carried out on several long tracks along which the machinery moves in order to carry out all actions of the process: track cleaning, cable extension, casting, extraction of products, cutting, etc. Specifically, today we would like to speak about how the cutting process is carried out, and its importance within the entire circuit of the Tensyland system.

The process of cutting prestressed hollow core slabs and beams plays a very important role, as it allows for the manufacturing of products with the proper cut-type and length for the specifications of every project. Furthermore, the Prensoland cutting machines also allow modulations for all types of construction, up to a cut height of 500 mm and with a 90-degree swivel, capable of making longitudinal, transversal cuts or cuts at any angle.

In Tensyland systems, cutting is carried out on the track with a cutting machine which runs along the same rails as the die. There are four models of Prensoland cutting machines: all of them are high-tech machines, offering great durability, and requiring only minimum maintenance.


1. Universal Angle Cutter

This cutting machine offers a cut height of up to 500mm, with greater heights possible upon request. Its disc diameter is 800 to 1,300 mm, and it has a 90-degree swivel. Additionally, it has an automatic and programmable electrical box (with PLC), touch screen, reels for electrical cable and a water hose, auxiliary water tank, 55 kW disc driving motor, telescopic cover for the protection of the cutting disc with automatic positioning, and cutting waste cleaning system. Its swivel allows for longitudinal cuts, transverse cuts or cuts at any angle.

2. 70-degree TLA angle cutter

This ideal model of cutting machine offers a maximum cut height of 300 mm with a 900 mm disc diameter. Additionally, it offers a cut of up to 45 degrees in one cycle and from 45 to 70 degrees in two cycles. Its driving motor is 45 kW and allows for longitudinal cuts.

3. CR-900 Cutter

Its maximum cut height is 300 mm, with disc diameters of 700, 800 or 900 mm (only regulating limits). Its disc motor power is 45 kW and has a programmed cut version. Optionally, this model also has a reel for electrical cable and water hose.

4. S-100 Cutter

Its maximum cut height is 300 mm with a 900 mm disc diameter. Its disc drive motor is 45 kW and has a 1,100 l water tank with a level indicator, as well as hydraulic clamps for securing joists

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