Block machine Compacta Dynamic S

Versatile concrete block machine for medium/high outputs (aprox. 18.500 blocks 20x20x40 cm in 8 hours shift).
Adaptable to any type of circuit for the production of blocks, infill blocks, kerb stones, pavers and other precast concrete elements.

  • Production pallets: 1400x750 mm max, 1200x600 mm min.
  • Manufacturing on pallets with legs: 1350x750 mm.
  • Manufacturing height: min 40 mm / max 350 mm.
  • 2 motor VTD vibration system with mechanical synchronisation of the masses.
  • Vibrator strength: 0 a 15,000 daN.
  • Max. frequency of the vibrator: 75 Hz.
  • Total power of the press: 53 kW.
  • Manual adjustment of the product to be manufactured.
  • Hydraulic/pneumatic fastening of the mould.


  • Equipment for facing concrete.
  • Automatic vibrator lubrication.
  • Remote WIFI / 3G connection.
  • Vibration on the tamper head.

*Productions based on Press performance at 100%. Production data for guidance only, depending on the shape of the pieces, type of aggregates and possible circuit stops.

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