Palletiser PT6

Transversal gantry-type palletizer PT6 to package blocks, pavers, kerb stones...and prepare them to storage and transportation.

Rotation at 360º powered by electric motor . Lifting, rotation and travel movements controlled by Closed Loop Motion. 4 sides clamp holding.



  • Load capacity:  600 kg
  • 4 sides palletization
  • Maximum height of palletization: 1500 mm
  • Clamp rotation from  0º to 360º
  • Multiples palletizing programs according  each  precast concrete piece.
  • Possibility of memorizing and saving the chosen configuration.
  • Travel, lifting and rotation movements controlled by Closed Loop Motion.
  • Electronic adjustment of the clamping pressure.
  • PLC and HMI control.
  • 215 palletizing cycles/ hour
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