In this latest edition of SMOPYC 2011 Exhibition held at the Zaragoza Trade Fair from the 5th to the 9th of April the public attendance to our stand was remarkable. With more than 100 sqm.,, our customers and friends were able to see the latest designs of Prensoland SA concerning the manufacture of precast concrete machinery, which comprises two product lines:

– Machines for the manufacture of prestressed concrete beams and prestressed concrete hollow core slabs. In this range of machinery, Prensoland offers a variety of solutions for small, medium and large size. The core machine in this system of prestressed concrete produce machine is Tensyland Ev-5 that can be defined as the most versatile machine that can manufacture and market a wide range of products with a simple change of mould that is made in a maximum of 20 minutes. Minimum maintenance, ease of handling and cutting edge technology, make this machine for the manufacture of prestressed concrete to be at the forefront of global innovation in prestressed concrete machinery by continuous casting.

– Machines for manufacturing precast concrete vibro elements, such as concrete blocks, paving and concrete curbs. With more than 50 years of manufacturing machinery and components in more than 50 countries, Prensoland adds value to each of the new plants start up by customers. With the new range of machinery Compacta 6000, Compacta and Compacta Vibro Dynamic, Prensoland is at the forefront of precast concrete machinery.

We want to make special mention to the tribute that was offered during the last edition of 2011 SMOPYC, to MR. JAUME SERRA, who was our Comercial Director for more than 20 years, and who was a member of Smopyc O. C. during most of his professional life.

In the photo that we add at the end of this article you can see MR. JAIME SERRA with the president of the Exhibition Centre and our purchasing Director MR. JOSE CASTANY.

We want to thank all participants who visited us for their support.

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