construmat 2011

During the last edition of Construmat 2011 Exhibition, which took place in Barcelona from the 16th to the 21st of May, a group of Companies visited Durland, a factory for the production of precast concrete elements, located in Lleida.

During their visit, our guests had the chance to see the VIBROCOMPACTA block making machine for production of blocks, infiller blocks, pavers, kerb stones, tiles, etc. This block machine is fully automatic.

Among the most outstanding features of this block making machine we can outline the vibration system by means of 4 high loaded eccentrics, the electronical synchronisation, fixed impact bars, hydraulic unit with proportional hydraulic system and block machine automatic remote control system.

This machine is able to produce 38.400 blocks dimensions 15x20x40 cm in 8 hours shift.

At the end of the visit, we took a photo of our guests, coming from such different countries as Russia, Moldavia, Brazil and Argentina.

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