Block making machines: Six key aspects of Prensoland machinery

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The Prensoland range of machinery comprises block making machines, machines to manufacture pre-tensed beams and hollow core slabs. More than 3,500 machines sold worldwide are a testimony to our clients’ high degree of satisfaction, demonstrating the success of our products on the international market.
The company’s biggest strength is its team of expert qualified staff. Prensoland’s success, however, is not based on one aspect only but is a result of different factors that have led us to fulfil our goals throughout the 56 years of company life. Some of these factors are looked at below:


1. Company philosophy based on cutting-edge technology and innovation
Prensoland has always placed maximum emphasis on innovation and technology since the company was founded, meaning thatwe invest heavily inresearch, development and innovation. This enables our equipment and block making machines to be designed with the latest technology using high performance materials that provide the best value for money.


2. Final products of optimum quality

The quality of the products manufactured in Prensoland facilities sets them apart. Products consist of pre-manufactured concrete blocks in all shapes and sizes, tailored to industry requirements. They are innovative, offering functionality and optimum resistance.

3. Machinery that requires minimum maintenance

Another important attribute of Prensolandmachinery is that it is robust and hard-wearing, requiring minimummaintenance and care.

4. Machines that provide high manufacturing and profitability rates

Our high technology machines provide high production rates while offering top rate quality.

5. Wide-ranging options

We can fit out different types of facilities, ranging from small production plants to completely automated high production plants.

6. Equipment that results in a reduction of labour costs


We provide multiple combinations of automated circuits that reduce labour costs to a minimum.
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