Brick machine: charger car and mold phase

Brick machine: charger car and mold phase

Brick machine: When producing concrete blocks, first of all it should be noted that the right amount of concrete required for each set must be dosed during de filling of the charger car. If there is an excess of concrete, this would remain in the car for too many cycles, degrading and losing their properties. Therefore, it is advisable that each block machine has a control system for precisely this quantity. Our block making machine Compacta provides an optimal solution in this regard. Compacta Vibropress by Prensoland performs precise measurement and dosing, controlling the level of concrete all the time, thanks to its high-tech laser system.

Once the dosing on the charger car is done, it is time for the filling phase. During this phase, there are two objectives to prioritize:

1. Controlling filling drawer
2. Controlling vibration applied during filling

During the whole progress of the charger car advance, there are two very important parameters to consider in the block machine: production rate and uniform filling of the mold. So, a too slow advance car would cause a few uniformity, and more concrete would enter in the area near the entrance of the car. This would also cause an increase in cycle time. However, a too fast car would not be good either because if it was a sudden braking, this would cause a buildup of concrete in the front part, producing even worse uniformity. In this case, we also should fill more the car, reducing its concrete regeneration.

During the filling phase, the vibration must be controlled with precision in time and level. It is in this process when a constant uniform filling will be ensured to get an optimum quality for the product. Excessive vibration would fill too much the mold and pressing stage would complicate; but a lack of vibration would leave cavities in the concrete and the result would be a poor compaction. Prensoland solution is based on CNC-controlled proportional hydraulics. The proportional hydraulics let adjust speeds and accelerations with a control computer. You get maximum control, high speed and running smoothness at the same time. The speed of movement of Compacta block machine has maximum precision and no shock. Our block machine makes controllable movements and even configurable according to the piece you want to manufacture.

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