Concrete block machines and cutting edge technology

Concrete block machines and cutting edge technology

Prensoland has developed the most advanced technology in concrete block machines to ensure that their customers obtain the maximum return from the very first day.

Concrete block machines: The sytem i-Control incorporates the most innovative computerized, electronic and hydraulic techniques to help the user in handling the installation:

– It is a system browser with intuitive graphical menus to speed up the learning process.

– Different user permissions for configuring the Press’ operating parameters.

– A recipe file that offers the possibility to create and store manufacturing parameters and files for each type of product in a user-friendly way.

– An intelligent manufacturing system that constantly monitors the press parameters, performing or suggesting the adjustments needed to obtain optimum performance.

– HPG hydraulics: The servo-valve technology allows maximum manufacturing performance with the smoothest of movements. So machine’s durability and reliability are increased without sacrificing high production.

– Technical assistance system via internet

– Possibility to connect via internet to control production, consumption, manufacturing times, etc.

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