Hollow core slab machine – Tensyland EV-5 Molding machine

One of the biggest challenges in the production of hollow core slab machine is to reconcil time, quality, and energy required to manufacture them. In Prensoland, we have always well-considered these challenges, betting consistently for technology in all our equipments. This is the reason why our hollow core slab machine is so highly valued in the international industry, so it allows our customers to increase production while reducing the labor work to a minimum and at the same time, improving product quality. Our machinery will let you obtain fully operational installations worldwide guaranteed.

Tensyland EV-5

Tensyland hollow core slab machine is used for the production of various ptrestressed concrete elements, including T-beams and hollow core slabs.


– Profile change can be achieved in 5 minutes

– Versatility in product range

– Minimum maintenance

– No wear parts

– Working speed up to 3m/min

– Easy machine operation

– Achieved strenght up to 60 MPa

– Average density of 2,4

– Important energy saving (total power 17 kW)

– One stage moulding

– Excellent bond around the wires avoiding bond slip

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