Machinery to manufacture beams and prestressed concrete hollow core slabs

Machinery to manufacture hollow core slabs

Tensyland installations, consisting of machinery to manufacture beams and prestressed concrete hollow core slabs, were first built in 1970. Since then, the installation has evolved a lot and has been incorporating new features in line with the latest technology of the moment.

The origin of Prensoland dates in 1959. The company comes from a small workshop that was commissioned to develop three presses to manufacture precast concrete products, in order to be used in construction. And after a decade of activity, Prensoland began to develop the installations for the production of prestressed beams and machinery for hollow core slabs. The company acquired the patent of Tensyland molding, which optimized very soon.

Therefore, we have created a timeline of he company, noting key datesin the history of our Tensyland process.

1959- Prensoland S.A. is founded

1960- Starts the production of pre-stressed T-beams

1966- First casting machine for hollow core slabs

1967- The máximum height of HCS reaches 500 mm

1972- First development of the HCS top and side marking

1975- Appearance of the mechanism for exposed wires

1979- New development for the insertion of stirrups on the HCS and T beams for application in seismic zones

1981- Travelling over the abutment for steel cable saving

1985- Home driving function. The machine travels to the casting bed origin without the use of an overead crane

1992- Production of the machines for 1,5 & 2,4 meters width

1995- Electronic set-up of the driving system parameters

1997- Development of the 5th machine generation with insulated central vibrated body

2001- Appearance of the constant torque

2002- Extension of the quick mold product range

2005- Production of dual slabs “Arlite” + concrete

2006- Launching of 6th machine generation for plastic concrete

2007- Development of the closed loop driving system with encoder feedback device

2010- Production of casting machine serial Nr. #1.000

2011- Launching of the 7th generation gravity extrusión molding m/c

2015- Development of the side indenting mechanism for HCS

Tensyland timeline : 1959-2015

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