The new San Mamés stadium was awarded at the World Architecture Festival

Prestressed tt slabs

The new San Mamés stadium this week was awarded at the World Architecture Festival currently being held in Singapore, as the best new sports construction in the world.

The Bilbao stadium was designed by the architect César Azkarate and built by the engineers ACXT-IDOM, and has a capacity for 53,000 spectators.

Viguetas Navarras was the company chosen to supply the prestressed TT slabs for the new stadium, for the heat-proofing the sound proofing properties of its products and for its high technology and innovation. A total of 70,000 square metres of high-strength, prestressed concrete TT slabs made with TENYSLAND and PRENSOLAND moulding machinery were transported from the Viguetas Navarras plant in the town of Huarte.

Prestressed TT slabs are mainly used to cover inside areas of big stadiums, such as passageways and entrances. The use of TT slabs in these areas eliminates any type of formwork and provides optimal aesthetic results, due to their smooth lower surface, which can be left visible or painted.

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