The Compacta concrete block machine is a world benchmark for precast concrete

Compacta concrete block machine

The Compacta concrete block machine and equipment for manufacturing precast concrete have been manufactured by Prensoland for over 50 years

The Compacta concrete block machine by Prensoland is characterised by its excellent production and profitability potential. It is a block making machine that delivers clients a huge range of options and solutions. It uses a high degree of automation to reduce labour costs/workforce to a minimum.

Our RDI department consists of highly qualified industry professionals who receive ongoing training in the latest technologies on the market. The company emphasis on training enables our technical team to provide innovative solutions. Throughout our 50-year track record, the design and manufacture of concrete block machinery, and customised plants for manufacturing blocks and all precast concrete products, has evolved. We develop individual solutions that are tailored to clients’ requirements; we ensure excellence and are committed to developing new processes and quality products.

The Compact block machines use cutting-edge technology to enable high production levels andexcellent production quality, with minimum maintenance requirements. Currently, Compact is recognised in over 48 countries across the five continents as a world benchmark in precast concrete manufacture.

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