Block machines EASY: Prensoland has launched a new model of block machine

Block machines Easy
In the spirit of continuous improvement, Prensoland has launched a new model of block machines to the market, which completes its wide range of block machines and machines to manufacture hollow core slabs and concrete beams. This is the press Compacta Easy, an equipment that manufactures blocks, slabs, pavers, curbs and other precast concrete.

Compacta Easy press has an average production capacity and offers a semi-automatic manufacturing system, reaching productions, for example, until 1260 20/20/40 blocks per hour, with 7 pieces per tray. As for pavers, the new machine can produce up to 5400 cobblestone monolayer per hour, making 30 pieces per tray and with 20” cycles of manufacturing.

The new Compacta Easy offers great versatility and can be incorporated into different types of circuits, depending on the needs of each customer; from a linear basic circuit, formed by the press Compacta Easy, the injector trays deposit, the self-propelled truck and the transport Press output, etc  Also, this block machine offers more complex circuits, where you can install several additional equipment and automatic palletizer or trays’ elevator and descender. These additional equipment provide greater autonomy and automation in the process, and therefore a reduced number of operators.

In short, the new Compacta Easy is a step in the constant technological innovation of our company, working intensively on improving all parameters related to the block machines and machines for manufacturing beams and hollow core slabs of concrete.
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