Block making machine and the advantages of using concrete blocks in construction

Block making machine Compacta

Using a block making machine in construction has been increasing during years. But this is not a coincidence so concrete blocks offer multiple advantages: economically, in terms of constructive performance, as well as in build quality and versatility.

In our engineering department, we are aware of this situtation, so we constantly research to develop high-tech block making machines. Our block making machines are especially designed considering the quality of the final product, in order to optimize their performance and return on investment.

Here we present the main advantages of quality concrete blocks, manufactured by high-tech block making machines:

Versatility guaranteed
Concrete blocks are a very versatile material that every day is more used thanks to its high performance in buildings and properties. There are many ranges of colors, variety of shapes and surface textures for indoor and outdoor use.

Great performance constructive
Concrete blocks provide high performance constructive because usually they are larger and have fewer joints, which is the most vulnerable part.

Uniformity of the blocks
The measures of concrete blocks are uniform and this allows modular systems and a precise accuracy of the material needed.

Cost reduction
Building with concrete blocks has many advantages such as speed and accuracy in the blocks.

Compressive strength
The normalized compressive strength of concrete blocks manufactured by Prensoland’s block making machines exceed 10N/mm 2, allowing to use them in resistant walls (CTE provides a minimum of 6 N / mm 2 for this use).

Good resistance to fire
Concrete blocks offer good fire resistance, which can reach 240 minutes. Furthermore, in case of fire, the concrete blocks retain their structural characteristics.

Assembly quality
Prensoland’s block making machines let to manufacture concrete blocks of high quality and an infinite number of special pieces (lintels, kerbs, pavers, corner blocks, half blocks, assembly blocks, etc..), pieces to guarantee the assembly quality.

Quality concrete blocks offer very good acoustic performance to meet current regulations, even with a single sheet solutions and simple implementation. There are concrete blocks that reach reach 60 dB of acoustic insulation.

Thermal insulation
Concrete has a large capacity to store heat. Dense materials like concrete are slow cooled and heated. This feature is very important in terms of energy consumption.

Water protection
Outdoor concrete blocks have a very low water absorption. They are waterproof concrete blocks that grow to a value of 0.22 g/m2 (CTE requires 4.2 g/m2 as a minimum single value). Moreover, concrete blocks are breathable, don’t freeze and are easily cleaned.

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