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Prensoland has developped a corporate blog to offer maximum information about concrete block machines and machinery to manufacture prestressed beams and hollow core slabs

In order to offer you additional and complementary information about our company, we have developed a new corporate blog, where you will find news about our company, our products, applications can be made with our concrete block machines or hollow core slab machines, facilities, etc. With this new blog, we want to create a more open relationship with our customers, who will be able to comment on the news and provide feedback and ratings. The new Prensoland’s blog represents a step forward in our commitment to digital media, where the company already has a large presence, not only with the corporate website, but also on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Youtube, Slideshare, etc.

The topics which will be covered in this new corporate blog have a clear connection with our business, both in the technology of concrete block machines, as well as the one to manufacture prestressed beams and concrete slabs; and also, the presentation of construction techniques. A very interesting and recurring theme will be the concrete pieces. We will talk about the types of pieces that our machines can produce, and the advantages of using them in architecture. Also, another theme will be the featured works and buildings where Prensoland’s technology has been applied to manufacture the concrete products used.

Furthermore, we want to provide information of concrete block machines and hollow core slab machines that we have installed all over the world, where we will explain the specific needs of each project, and the solutions that we have provide from Prensoland, in order to meet the needs of each customer and optimize performance and the return on investment. Finally, we will also post information about activities that the company does at fairs and events. Prensoland have a continuous presence at trade shows and industry events to present the latest technology of its machinery.

To access our new blog please click the following link:

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