Concrete block machine Vibrocompacta

concrete block machine vibrocompacta

The concrete block machine Vibrocompacta is manufactured by Prensoland and it has been recognized worldwide for their robust construction, high technology and excellent quality of finished products such as blocks, pavers, kerbs, american blocks, flooring blocks, bricks and so on. This machine has been developed to ensure maximum return from the very first day.


This is a concrete block machine developed to achieve very high productions of blocks, infill blocks, kerb stones, pavers and other precast concrete elements. This machine is a fully automated production system with a high output of 28.000 blocks 20x20x40 cm per 8 hour shift. Also, there is a very wide range of possibilities according to customers requirements.
Features of concrete block machine Vibrocompacta:

–    Production pallets: 1400 x 750mm max., 1200x670  mm min.
–    Manufacturing height: mín. 40 mm /max. 350 mm
–    VMI 4 motor vibration system with electronic synchronisation     of  the masses
–    Vibrator strength : 0 to 15.000 daN
–    Maximum frequency of the vibrator: 70,5 Kw
–    Vibrating motors on the tamper head to improve the surface finish of the piece
–    Electrical adjustment of the product to be manufactured,     without the need of tools
–    Hydraulic/Pneumatic fastening of the mould
–    Concrete loador with beater and gris
–    iControl System

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