Concrete block machines – Pavers

Block machines for pavers

Our  concrete block machines for pavers are designed to manufacture high quality pavers in very high outputs. Now we will discuss the peculiarities of this precast concrete unit that is used so much as a paving material for surfaces, and also we will highlight its main applications.

Basically, the natural stone paving was replaced with concrete pavers for a question of cost, since natural stone was constantly more expensive and it wasn’t a practical material for the movement of vehicles. Furthermore, in the 50 and 60 decade, concrete enclosed indoor facilities increased, such as pavilions and asphalt pavements. All this was displacing natural stone pavers, which were used increasingly less and opened the way to the concrete pavers manufactured by

A well done concrete pavement (using concrete block machines) is especially noted for the effect of the union of these pavers together. The geometry should enable a secure coupling and elastic with the adjacent paving stones, to obtain a continuous surface. In these pavements, all bending, transverse and circular (when braking, accelerating, turning) are transmitted in a more intense way and they are optimally spread over a large number of pavers, so this makes impossible to offset against other pieces, getting better absorption by the soil.

Concrete block machines – Pavers applications

– Pedestrian use: sidewalks, city centers (pedestrian areas), public squares
– Urban Streets
– Parking
– Garages
– Industrial: industrial buildings with heavy traffic movement and  low speed
– Storage
– Areas of highways, ports, airports, railways
– Bus Stations
– Bicycle lanes
– Gas stations
– Reinforced Slope
– Securing of funds banks and stormwater
– Surface of terraces
– Ways of gardens

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