Concrete block machines – 10 advantatges of pavers

concrete block machines - pavers

Our concrete block machines manufacture precast concrete pavers by vibrocompression of semi-dry concrete. They are concrete block machines that allow to achieve optimal regularity characteristics, both in the mechanical strength and the finished product.

The concrete paving has many indoor and outdoor applications. This surface paving material has many advantages. Following are the top ten:

1. Variety of ways, offering a perfect combination of technology and aesthetics. The shapes of concrete pavers allow a combination of the parts which results in many types of frames.

2. Concrete pavers can be manufactured in different colors, giving them a decorative air; also, different colored pavers can be combined, thanks to the concrete block machines

3. Minimum maintenance: just remove vegetation that may occur in the joints, and fill them if necessary.

4. Resistance to oils, greases, fuels, frost effects and deicing salts.

5. No deformation due to the high temperatures of summer.

6. The joints are sealed with sand and they allow some water drainage.

7. Ease in repairs, so concrete pavers can be lifted and reused as often as required.

8. Ease of assembly

9. High durability: a concrete cobblestone pavement, well placed, has a lifespan of over 25 years, as well as the blocks have been manufactured in a good concrete block machines

10. Good slip resistance

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