Concrete block machine – High quality prefabricated blocks

Block machine Compacta

The block machine by Prensoland manufacture prefabricated concrete blocks, which today is an architectural element that provides all the possibilities that any design needs, both technical and aesthetic.

Our concrete block machine also incorporate the latest advanced technologies to achieve high quality productions with the market demands of construction and minimal maintenance. They are very robust block machine and provide high performance.

The concrete blocks made by our block making machine offer many advantages:

– Very diverse and varied applications, both outdoors and indoors.
– Easy combination with other materials, mainly decorative facades.
– The block is a very durable material, it has good physical and mechanical characteristics.
– Ideal for harsh climates and large temperature fluctuations.
– Blocks installation is similar to the brick, but as parts are larger, implementation is easier and faster. Besides, you can have all kinds of special pieces, to solve all kinds of meetings, lintels, claddings, corners.
– Quality Assurance and assembly facility.
– Large decorative possibilities, as it offers a wide range of colors, variety of shapes and textures of termination, and multiple combinations. Overall, a significant aesthetic effect is achieved.

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