Concrete block machines and hollow core slab machines in India

Concrete block machines and hollow core slab machines in India

Preca trusts Prensoland technology to supply a large part of the prefabricated concrete industry in India

Concrete block machines in India

The company Prensoland SA was founded in 1959, and soon began to be established worldwide as one of the leading manufacturers of machinery for the concrete industry. The company currently has offices over the world and operates all over the world, providing high value-added and innovative solutions for the construction sector. Prensoland offers a global solution to its customers: consultation and installation planning, the implementation, maintenance and training of workers.

With over 50 years of experience and thanks to its continued investment in R & D, Prensoland has developed a deep knowledge of concrete and necessary equipment to produce prefabricated concrete products used in housing, as well as equipment construction. The Spanish company also has presence in India and provides concrete block machines in India, a market that will double in size by 2020. Prensoland recently supplied a plant with the latest technology to produce hollowcore slabs to Preca, a company based in Hyderabad. Thus, Preca achieves production to supply a large part of the prefabricated concrete products in the region of Andhra Pradesh.

Currently, India has 30% of organized urbanization and 70% of rural zone. Moreover, the rapid growth and development of large Indian cities require substantially less time and lower costs in the construction sector. It is therefore necessary to improve the country’s construction methodology, incorporating technologies such as precast and prestressed concrete elements, which provide the efficiency needed to provide society housing, warehouses, hospitals, storage, etc.. In this sense, Preca has confidence in Prensoland’s machinery: concrete block machines and hollow core slab machines
Preca has rightly decided to go for Tensyland. The robustness and reliability of the hollow core slab machine Tensyland offers low maintenance, usability and the advantage of continuous production without failure or interruption. Preca has acquired a Tensyland’s molding machine to produce slabs, a cutting machine and a wires pulling machine, in addition to the molds to manufacture 150, 200, 250, 300 forged slab and a 150 closure slab.

Undoubtedly, the most remarkable and revolutionary about Tensyland is that is the most versatile molding machine. So, it has a unique system that allows the finishing mould to make a large number of products by simply changing the mold. Also, the mould change process is carried out in only ten minutes with a just an operator. Moreover, Tensyland machines are equipped with an optimum level of safety, in order to protect people and ensure maximum efficiency.

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