Concrete machinery manufacturers: Prensoland in Concrete Show Brazil 2012

Concrete Show Brazil 2012

Prensoland is a worldwide leader company in concrete machinery, it will be present at the fair in Brazil as a manufacturer of block machines and concrete slabs machinery, concrete beams machines, hollow core planks machines, etc. In this fair, Prensoland is located at Cibi’s stand which is its official distributor.

Prensoland’s global leadership in concrete block making machines is indisputable. In his career, the company has always been at the most important fairs of concrete machinery worldwide, covering more territory of the market and positioning itself as an industry leader of machinery for concrete. This Spanish company offers two lines of machinery. On the one hand, Compacta installations are designed to manufacture block machines, brick machinery, curbs, pavers, etc.. Furthermore, Tensyland installations are designed to manufacture concrete slabs machinery, precast beams, hollow core slabs or planks, etc. Both Tensyland and Compact are two installations that they are in the market since a long time. They are machines supplied with cutting-edge technology that has evolved with the market and providing solutions to the demands of it. Both installations stand out for their high-tech, durability and robust construction.

In Brazil Concrete Show 2012 Prensoland will present the news to visitors of the largest and most comprehensive event in Latin America of concrete machinery and construction machinery manufacturers. Together with its dealer Cibi, Prensoland will enjoy this fair as a meeting point with customers, presenting new and unique technologies in concrete machinery and equipment. The event will take place in the center of Sao Paulo Immigrants Exposições from 29 to 31 August 2012.

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Concrete Show Brazil 2012

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