Concrete slabs machinery manufactured by Prensoland for brazilian companies

Concrete slabs machinery

Concrete slabs machinery: CPI, the company that was awarded the contract for constructing the Maracaná and Corinthians stadiums, which will host the Football World Cup in 2014, has two complete TENSYLAND systems working at full capacity at its plants in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. The engineer Adenildo Fontebaso, the Production Manager, appreciates the versatility and end quality of the product that PRENSOLAND equipment provide, and especially, the low maintenance cost, a very important issue for entrepreneurs in this sector. Over 800 sq. metres of hollow core slab slab is currently being produced daily in each of its facilities.

In Limeira, Tatu company has two TENSYLAND facilities with Bedcleaning machines and machinery for manufacturing slabs with a height of 160, 200, 250, 300, 400 and 500 mm.  In the opinion of its leaders, the TENSYLAND moulding machine is the most suitable machine for the manufacture of wall panels, since it provides a perfect finish.

BPM, a company located in Criciuma, CS, also relies on a TENSYLAND installation for its slab production, and in addition to a CR model cutting machine, it also has a Multiple trolley for cleaning the beds and wire pulling and other additional equipment. BPM manufactures slabs ranging in height from 120 to 300 mm. The engineer Nivaldo De Loyola Richter highlights the many advantages of our machinery in achieving high productivity with very little staff.

PRENSOLAND has signed an agreement with the company CIBI in Taubate, Sao Paulo to represent our products in the Brazilian market. With the recent addition of the engineer Francisco Van Langendonck as the person directly responsible for PRENSOLAND equipment, we are confident that his extensive experience in the industry will bring great value to the Company and will help in expanding the business.

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