Facilities for the production of hollow core slabs and beams

Maquinaria prefabricados de hormigón

Our facilities for the production of prestressed and precast concrete elements have evolved with the market. Thus they have arisen different models of machines and auxiliary equipment of high technology to manufacture prestressed concrete slabs and beams. So, it is based on these equipment production that plants are designed 1,000 to 12,000 meters of joist or 250-2000 m2 of hollow core slabs.

Let’s see then what these equipments are. The centerpiece of the facility is the molding Tensyland.

Tensyland EV5
It is a molding machine that offers versatility in products and minimum maintenance. It also highlights its ease of use and rapid change process in profile carried our in just 5 minutes.

As for saws, we include four major:

Universal CF
This saw has a turning carriage that allows longitudinal, cross and any angle cuts. It works with touch data screen and its maximum cutting height is 500 mm.

Cutting S-80
Semi-automatic operation with a maximum cutting height of 300 mm with 900 mm disc.

Angular cutter TLA 70
This model also operates semi-automatically cutting. Its maximum cutting height is 300 mm to 900 mm disc.

Cutter S-100
Also operation is semi-automatic. Its maximum cutting height is 300 mm to 900 mm

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