Hollow core slab machine. 10 reasons to choose Tensyland

hollow core slab machine Tensyland

Concrete Slab Machine

Tensyland is a Prensoland’s installation, thee production of prestressed concrete beams, etc.


Tensyland hollow core slab machine offers excellent relationship between investment and performance, as payback period is estimated at just over a year and a half. Tensyland is therefore the best  for maximizing the business of manufacturing hollow core slabs and prestressed beams; and produce a higher quality product, more efficiently and with greater added value.


Tensyland molding is the hollow core slab machine most versatile of the market. It has a unique system that allows mold tuner make a larger number of products by simply changing the mold, and it is very easy and convenient to carry out. Our hollow core slab machine manufacture: vineyard and fence posts, lintels, simple T beams, double T beams, solid slabs, hollow core slabs for flooring or wall panels, terrace units for stadiums, TT slabs, etc.. All is manufactured with the same molding machine.


Thanks to Tensyland’s construction quality, to its robustness and the incorporation of the latest technology,level of durability, without sacrificing high production.

High quality of the final product

The coating of the wire is full with Tensyland machinery, therefore the density of the prestressed beams and hollow core slabs is high. The entire installation process of Tensyland is focused for optimum quality of the final product: perfect finishes, precision cutting system with a maximum cutting heigh of more than 500 Mm. Moreover, the turning carriage allows cross, longitudinal and all angle cuts.

Complete Solutions

Prensoland offers a complete solution to all the process machinery to manufacture prestressed slabs and beams: from the concrete mixing plant, and the installation of the runway, passing through the molding equipment, until the extraction and stock.

Leading technology

Tensyland’s hollow core slab machine has a user-friendly control panel that simplifies largely the implementation of complex tasks.

Minimum maintenance

Tensyland installations require minimal maintenance, which largely reduces costs, while workers can handle more productive tasks in the value chain.

Efficiency and safety

Tensyland hollow core slab machines is equipped with an optimum level of safety, in order to protect people and ensure maximum efficiency.

Universal use of Prensoland machinery

Since its inception, Prensoland export its hollow core slab machine to manufacture hollow core concrete slabs and prestressed beams worldwide. We analyze the specific needs of each geographic area, so we manufacture specific molding machines for construction in seismic areas, for example. This global presence ensures an optimal supply and appropriate for each client.

Custom installations

Tensyland installations suit to the special needs of each client, as well as the peculiarities of construction of each geographical area, in order to ensure the best solution for each project.

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