Maintenance of block making machines and prestressed concrete elements machines

Block making machinery

Prensoland manufactures state-of-the-art, high-tech machinery for concrete suck block making machinery , delivering an excellent product defined by its high performance and minimal maintenance. The guarantees offered by the product are complemented by the company’s technical team and the professional service it offers.


Prensoland manufactures high-tech concrete machinery, which is marketed worldwide. The company has over fifty years of expertise and boasts a highly qualified technical team who can attend to client requirements anywhere in the world, offering an optimum service. The machinery for both block making machinery and for manufacturing prestressed concrete elements has been developed using cutting-edge technology to ensure a top quality product that delivers high performance and requires minimal maintenance. It must be ensured,however, that machines are started correctly and that staff operating the machinery undergoes training.

Prensoland has a comprehensive team of highly-qualified installation engineers that travel to countries where new installations are made. Once civil engineering works have been completed by clients, engineers install the equipment in-situ, select dosages, start up the concrete machinery and provide demonstrations onusing the machinery to staff. The company also has a parts warehouse with more than 10,000 code references and machinery components,providing clients with immediate solutions to avoid downtime and machinery from being stopped unnecessarily.

The company has an ongoing maintenance and spare parts service all year round, available for concrete machinery at all stages of the installation’s life cycle. This customised value-added service ensures the optimum functioning of clients’ installations. At Prensoland the technical service department has always been a key part of the company, aiming to provide all clients with the necessary support so that installations operate correctly, thus enabling better control of operational costs.
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