The use of hollow core slab for the construction of stadiums and bleachers

Hollow core slab manufactured with Tensyland
Tensyland machinery is used for the manufacture of prestressed beams and hollow core slab, renowned for its great versatility. The machinery produces a large number of different pieces, as a result of a simple mould change that takes less than five minutes to implement. The company is thus able to offer comprehensive solutions for the full spectrum of construction requirements, which include large stadiums, auditoriums or places that require a tiered lay-out to accommodate crowds.

Tensyland machinery is used to manufacture prestressed hollow core slab for bleachers and TT slabs for inside areas of large enclosures. Each type of piece has a different application, all of which deliver excellent results:

Specific L-shaped slabs for bleachers which provide optimal closure of the bleacher at the vertical points in each row, that can be solid or hollow core according to project requirements. This type of prestressed piece is of a smaller height and is, therefore, not as heavy, enabling a lighter structure. It is the best solution for bleachers with a greater number of tiers as less weight is accumulated at points of support.

Prestressed hollow core slabs are also used for the bleachers, which are positioned in a tiered formation on supports made from a forged structure. Its strength, as well as its length, means that the support points are spaced at length and are able to support high numbers of spectators. In addition, its size enables not only seating but also leaves sufficient space so that people can walk past. The height of the slab means that it has high resistance and is used to close the vertical part of each row; in a tiered layout the bleachers fit together exactly, closing the gap between one slab and another.

Prestressed TT slabs are mainly used to cover inside areas of big stadiums, such as passageways and entrances. The use of TT slabs in these areas eliminates any type of formwork and provides optimal aesthetic results, due to their smooth lower surface, which can be left visible or painted.

Tensyland machinery offers multiple solutions for the manufacture of hollow core slabs and pieces for bleachers and stadiums. Its strength and versatility enables excellent production and optimised return on investment.

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