Manufacturing plants for prestressed beams and hollow core slabs

plants for prestressed beams
Tensyland’s manufacturing plants offer a quick mould changing process, which increases the efficiency of moulding operations

Today the high-tech Tensyland plants for prestressed beams and hollow core slabs are renowned worldwide. Investing in Tensyland facilities is, therefore, an excellent choice. The efficient production plants deliver high quality products, as well as agood price/performance ratio.

As a result of ongoing developments by the Prensoland R&D department, Tensyland plants for prestressed beams enables the manufacture of a comprehensive range of forms and dimensions of prestressed concrete beams and slabs, in optimal conditions. The cornerstone of Tensyland plants is the moulding machine. The moulding equipment enables the continuous manufacture of pre-stressed hollow beams and slabs, depending on the mould used, making it versatile machinery that can produce many different products.

Tensyland also uses a straight forward and quick mould changing process, which increases the efficiency of moulding operations by notably minimising preparation times. The mould change can be performed in just five minutes and is a simple process, as indicated in the three simple steps below:

1. Remove mould to be replaced

First, remove the counterweight. Then loosen the gripper and mould clamping screws on both sides of the machine. Next, remove the mould and replace with the crane.

2. Insert new mould 

Place the new mould in the machine alignment guides and tighten the two front screws of the mould. The function of these screws is to tighten the sealing joint of the mould against the machine’s fixed vibrating case. Tighten the four screws that secure the mould vertically against the frame of the machine.

3. Adjust the grippers (4 screws) and put the machine counterweight back in place
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