New Tensyland Extraction Trolleys

Motorized extraction trolley

Motorized Extraction Trolleys

PRENSOLAND’s R&D department has developed a new Extraction Trolley, an innovative solution which allows our customers to ensure a fast and efficient extraction of prestressed concrete products manufactured by our TENSYLAND machine such as hollow core slabs, beams or posts with the Extraction Clamp.

This assembly is composed by a motorized unit (equipped with batteries) and a free unit, which together can reach a movement speed of 20m / min and a total load capacity of 20T.

One of the main advantages of this assembly is that they can be positioned on any bed,  without the need of a specific and exclusive location, thus allowing the other operations to be  performed in a fluid way and without idle time. This new solution significantly revs up the task of removing the product from the beds, increasing the speed of the production cycle.

It is prepared to stack and extract a large quantity of material  in an agile and fast way, facilitating the work of the forklift trucks that, later, will take the product to the stock area.

This equipment is already in operation in England,  one of the most advanced countries in the precast sector worldwide, where this solution has allowed our customers to reduce the cycle time in manufacturing and, at the same time, to maximize the profitability of their factories.

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