Prensoland and the INDI system: the revolution in the marking of beams and hollow core slabs.

Plotter Prensoland

Prensoland, in collaboration with the company Personas&Tecnología, specialized in industrial printing, and Herarbo2 (a company producer of precast elements), has developed a new system for the digital printing of prestressed and precasted products in concrete.

INDI, is a revolutionary system that comes to respond not only to the new “mandatory marking” defined by the UE law, but also to satisfy the demands of the market, increasingly computerized, professionalized and framed in the information age.

From now on, printing any type of letters, images, decoration, QR codes … on concrete products, beams, vineyard and fence posts, solid slabs or hollow core slabs is already possible.

All this information is transformed into a marketing and communication tool, contributing to the improvement of the information with the customer, while being an important source of savings in organizational terms, both in the factory and at the construction site.

Since July 2018, the INDI System is working satisfactorily in the Plotter Tensyland of the factory Herarbo2, a company based in Castelló (Spain), with more than 60 years of experience in the precast concrete market, committed with the technological innovation.


Link: Herarbo

Link: Personas y Tecnologia

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