Prensoland at ICCX Digital 365

PRENSOLAND at ICCX Digital 365

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The ICCX – International Concrete Conference & Exhibition is expanding its range of events by offering a new digital meeting platform. The ICCX digital 365 is an online event available worldwide, around the clock, – 365 days a year. 

Digital events have become popular and accepted worldwide. There is an obvious need for the ICCX Concept to go digital, but instead of replacing the in person format we are adding the digital events to it!

The ICCX digital 365. platform will be available 365 days a year, any place and time! Participating in the ICCX digital 365 will enable concrete professions to visit your exhibition stand anytime, from anywhere and always on demand.

This digital interactive platform will not replace the person-to-person interaction, but rather expand your reach. ICCX digital 365. “live days” will give the industry professionals the opportunity for regular interaction. Every quarter we will invite companies and industry professionals to meet live in the digital space of ICCX digital 365.

During the Live Days will be highlighted by speeches and presentations pertaining to current topics for the concrete and precast industry. The presentations will be offered live and on demand where we are able to combine real with the virtual and analog with digital realms. In conclusion, the new exhibition way!

Lecture Program

One of the features of the “Live Days” are technical presentations by internationally recognized experts in all aspects of the manufacturer and building with concrete products and elements.

For example, Lecture Topics and Q & A schedule for the March 15th and 16th “Live Days”.  See the schedule program here.

ONLINE at the ICCX Digital 365 platform:                                     
First Live days March 15th-16th 2021   
From 08.00 a.m to 18.00 p.m 

For further information: ICCX  (PRENSOLAND at ICCX Digital 365)

SAVE THE DATE,  DON’T MISS IT!  We will wait for you!

SEE YOU AT at ICCX digital 365!

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