Prestressed Concrete Machinery: Using concrete slabs in industrial buildings

Prestressed concrete machinery
Within the range of prestressed concrete machinery, Prensoland develops Tensyland’s machine, which consists of a set of equipment to manufacture prestressed concrete products, covering all stages of the process, from the preparation of the courses, manufacturing, molding, cutting and removal.

Tensyland is a prestressed concrete machinery that can produce many types of prestressed products depending on the mold that is used. So, all kind of beams and hollow core slabs (maximum of 50 cm height) are manufactured. The use of these products has grown considerably in all kinds of architectural works, due to its great advantages regarding both durability and production costs.

One of the most common uses of prestressed slabs is in the manufacture of industrial buildings, so after the construction of a concrete or metal structure, forming the pillars and the beams, the slab can be used as an enclosure. The slabs are typically used in this case have a  thicknesses of 10, 12, 16 or 24 cm. The lastest one is made of two outer concrete layers and a 10 cm one of porexpan. So, a significant thermal insulation is achieved. This system is widely used in the agricultural industry.The standard width of the slabs is 120 cm but can be smaller sizes and solve the corners with special pieces.

The slabs may have holes for windows and doors, including the sub-frame on site or the entire window, if desired. You can also create large holes through metal profiles. The placement of concrete slabs can be horizontally, carrying the panels one above the other, for which suitable seals are provided; or the other option is vertically. These profiles allow the transmission of horizontal forces without taking any vertical force.

In cases where the economy is very important, facade’s bracing beams can be removed and the straps ca directly be supported on the enclosure positioned horizontally, but this solution hinders possible extensions of the warehouse or the replacement of facades, so that it is not recommended these savings.

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