Prestressed hollow core slabs and the benefits of using them in concrete frameworks

Prestressed hollow core slabs
Prestressed hollow core slabs can be used for concrete frameworks that support excessive weight loads and in large open spaces. Their use results insignificant savings for both material and labour.

The Tensyland facilities (hollow core slabs machines) comprise high-tech equipment and machinery for the manufacture of prestressed hollow core slabs and beams. At the heart of the facilities is Tensyland moulding, which gives its name to the whole system, comprising the manufacture of a comprehensive range of prestressed hollow core slabs and beams, in different types and measurements. Hollow coreslabs are a state-of-the-art product in the concrete industry and enable the construction of concrete frameworks that would be impossible to achieve with other systems. Tensyland moulding enables the construction of structures that can support excessive weight loads and in large open spaces. Using prestressed hollow core slabs and beams is a money saving mechanism, as everything is more economical, including beams, columns, material, and, most importantly, labour costs.

Concrete frameworks usestructural elements, usually horizontal, that areable to transfer the weight they support, as well as their own weight, to the other structural elements (beams, pillars, walls) until all weight reaches the foundations and is then offloaded onto the earth. Structures with prestressed hollow core slabs are an ideal building solution for industrial constructions, residential buildings and civil engineering works. To reduce the weight of the concrete framework the prestressed slabs have lengthwise hollow cores in the bottom section which means that they do not require transversal reinforcement.

The prestressed hollow core slabs manufactured with Tensyland machinery measure 300 to 500 mm in height; models withlarger measurements can be manufactured on request.


Advantages of using prestressed hollow core slabs for concrete frameworks


– Production of standardised plates, which leads to improvements in quality and optimisation of pieces

– Speed of transport and assembly: prestressed hollow core slabs are transported to works for direct use, without requiring underpinning or foundation works

– Multifunctional usage for all types of constructions: buildings, hotels, hospitals, schools, industrial warehouses, bleachers, refrigeration towers, etc.

– Use does not require transversal reinforcement

– Solution is economical in terms of material and labour costs

– Material is highly resistant and more fire proof
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