Concrete blocks machine – Top 10 reasons to acquire a Compacta

Concrete blocks machine Compacta

Acquiring a Compacta’s concrete blocks machine is an investment that will provide optimum production performance in your business. Following are the main reasons why investment in a Compacta concrete blocks machine is so profitable, safe, fast and reliable.

1. Profitability

Compacta vibro presses offer an optimal investment-performance. They allow to reach the highest levels of productivity of the market, while greatly reducing the costs of the company, which promotes a fast return on investment.

2. Versatility

Our installations allow to manufacture a wide range of concrete small products: pavers, kerbs, blocks, partition blocks, etc. Compacta manufactures products for all types of applications, with different strengths and densities.

3. Durability

Compacta’s robust construction and its application of servo-valve technology allows to achieve full performance manufacturing with smooth movements that increase the durability and reliability of the press without giving high outputs.

4. Final product quality

Compacta’s vibro presses allow achieving a very high product quality, thanks to VMI vibration system. This system achieves maximum compacting of concrete and high quality surface finish.

5. High technology and easy-handling

Thanks to I-Control, our installations incorporates the most innovative computerized, electronic and hydraulic technology. The control panel’s display allows user to control each phase of the production in a graphical and intuitive way and all press’parameters are monitored.

6. Minimum maintenance and labor reduction

Our installations only require minimal maintenance, which greatly reduces the costs at the same time that workers can handle more productive tasks in the value chain.

7. Energy saving

The VMI advanced vibration system consists of 4 direct drive eccentric rotors by 4 motors. This system can achieve maximum compacting of concrete, reducing power consumption and cement.

8. Eficiency and saving

All Prensoland’s installations are equipped with the optimal level of security in order to protect workers and ensure maximum efficiency.

9. Universal use of machinery Prensoland

Prensoland exports vibro presses installations worldwide since 1950. We analyze the specific needs of each geographical area and manufacture adapted machinery according to parts and production volumes needed. This global presence ensures an optimal and s appropriate supply for each customer.

10. Custom installations

Compact facilities offer multiple combinations tailored to the special needs of each customer, in order to ensure the best solution for each project. We install since semiautomatic circuits to fully automated plants with the latest technology, without manpower needed.

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