New installation of a Compacta Dynamic block machine in Tunisia

compacta dinamyc S in tunisia

Description and characteristics of this concrete block machine

The Compacta Dynamic S is a competitive block machine that works with 1,400 x 750 mm pallets and is prepared for manufacturing any kind of prefabricated product such as kerbstones, paving stones, blocks, etc., with a mould change that can be performed simply and quickly in only 15 minutes.

This is a block machine capable of manufacturing items with a height of between 40 and 350 mm, notable above all for its versatility, durability and minimum maintenance, and is a machine equipped with the latest electronic and hydraulic technology that aids the user in operating the installation.

It also has a 2 motor VTD vibration system with mechanical synchronising of the mixes, and with a vibration force ranging from 0 to 15,000 daN. Its tamping vibration system and its total power of 53 kw system also makes it possible to achieve highly durable items with a perfect finish.

This is precisely the machine that has been installed in Tunisia recently. There Prensoland has installed a U-shaped circuit with items being dried in metal cages, and consisting of different items of equipment and auxiliary elements that are controlled from a control room fitted with an innovative i-control and i-connect system.

Configuration of the U-shaped circuit

The U-shaped circuit is made up of an output circuit with an Elevator consisting of 5 levels for 10 pallets: a trolley collects the product from the 10 pallets and transports them to the drying area. The now-set product is also returned using a self-propelled trolley that deposits 10 pallets onto the Descender.

From there they are automatically transported to the palletising area, where the PT-4 palletiser prepares the package for its departure to the storage area. After passing through a brush that cleans off any residue and a greasing spray, the empty pallets are returned automatically to the Press to commence a new cycle.

The configuration of this type of U-shaped circuit can be extended according to the client’s needs, with the possibility of being integrated into a fully automated system and achieving the maximum capacity of the Press.

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