Providing solutions in prefabricated concrete machinery since 1959

Empresa maquinaria Prensoland

The international success of Prensoland is backed by over 50 years of experience, more than 1,000 customers worldwide and more than 3,500 machines sold

The Vall del Congost is a region with a long metallurgical tradition that began 300 years ago with the establishment of blacksmiths, being an important zone of cultivation and strategic passage of cavalries. This first contact with the world of metal evolved over time to the creation of the first mechanical industries.

With this industrial heritage, a small workshop was founded in 1958 to manufacture automatic presses for the production of concrete blocks. Since then, Prensoland has been growing, transforming and adapting, at all times, to the demands of the new architectural trends and the concerns of its customers.

Prensoland burst into the national and international market with the Compacta presses, block machines created for the industrial production of blocks, pavers, curbs, etc. Currently, this line comprises different models of fully automated installations with a high level of production, which stand out for their great versatility, high quality components and advanced technology.

Tensyland installations are designed for the production of concrete beams, solid or hollow core slabs, tubular beams and other prestressed products, indispensable elements with a great increase of demand in the new constructive systems. More than 1,100 Tensyland molding machines working at full capacity guarantee the advantages of this process.

At Prensoland, they accompany and advise their clients at all stages of their investment. For this reason, they give great importance to the technical service and its staff, highly trained, who solves any doubts prior to the acquisition of any equipment. In this respect, they have a team of multilingual engineers, architects and technicians, prepared to offer a specific follow-up in all phases of the project.

Thanks to the trajectory of Prensoland, based on an experience of almost 60 years in the prefabricated market, its professionals identify the particular needs of each client and offer the best technological solution, adapted to the specific needs of each factory.

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