The evolution of Compacta block machines

Timeline Compacta block machines

For over fifty years, Prensoland has been developing its line of Compacta block machines, the equipment to manufacture all types of prefabricated concrete parts: blocks, pavers, infill blocks, kerbs, etc., with excellent production qualities and minimal maintenance. Also, Prensoland block machines have been evolving over time along with the internationalization of the company, to meet the demands of an increasingly professional market.

The Compacta G2-25, the first prototype of the press came with the founding of the company in 1959. A manual block machine, which required 2 people to handle it but exceeded all the technical expectations of the moment. It was commercialized until the year 1970 and was exported, mainly, to the American continent.

The Compacta 600 appeared in 1970, which was the first automatic press. Two years later, in 1972, the first Autocompacta laying machine was launched to cover a different segment than fixed presses.

In 1977, Prensoland introduced the first fully enclosed automatic circuit with the Compacta 2000 Sprint, and in 1982, the new semi-automatic circuit press was launched: Compacta 1000.

Evolving with the prefabricated sector, in the 90s, a new generation of Eurocompacta’s block machines of large productions is launched to satisfy a demanding market. With a fully automated system and the most advanced technology of the moment, these presses allowed to achieve a great yield with a minimum maintenance.

Prensoland incorporates to its line of Presses the model Compacta 6000 in 2004, the first block machine of very high productions.

Compacta block machines today

Since 2008, thanks to its R + D + i development team, the evolution of the Prensoland’s block machine line has made a very significant qualitative leap.

The Vibrocompacta press is born with a proportional hydraulic system, which integrates the Impact Vibration and the hydraulic mold change system, thus improving the final product and optimizing the manufacturing resources.

In 2010, Compacta Dynamic S appears, a versatile press that also incorporates the proportional hydraulic system. Two years later, the Compacta 600 is replaced by the new Compacta Easy press, with 4 columns, for semiautomatic circuits.

In 2017 comes the Compacta Alpha, an avant-garde block machine, robust and equipped with the latest mechanical and electronic technology. The new press has a hydraulic system of servo-valves and a total power of 120 Kw. The Alpha is undoubtedly the new great bet of the line Compacta.

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