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Concrete block equipment Compacta

Prensoland has a very good reputation in the world for its reliability and longevity machinery, as well as its on-going technical support. So Prensoland provides its customers with global solutions for concrete block equipment in latest technology, with a wide range of possibilities available: from a simple production plant to a fully automated circuit to supply a vast market. In this way, our company has developped the most advanced technology to ensure that their customers obtain the maximum return from the very first day.

Our concrete block equipment Compacta circuits incorporate the most efficient equipments to optimize the synchronising of the precast installation, ensuring a high productivity and maximum performance:

Transfer and finger car with laser positioning

From the elevator, the finger car collects the pallets transferring them to the curing chambers. It returns with cured products from another chamber, placing them in the Pallet lowerator.

Transversal gantry-type palletiser

Collecting the product from the pallets, it transfers them to the packing area to be stacked and form the final package. It is equipped with 4 sides clamping device hydraulically operated and turning at 360º. High performance. Lifting, travel and rotating movements controlled by CNC

Elevador and lowerator for pallets

Leaving the Lowerator, pallets and product are deposited in the palletizing area, through Conveyor nº 2.

Transportation car

The process finishes with the despatch car, which transports the finished package to the stock and loading area. Controlled via blue-tooth.

Equipment for washing paving stones

To install directly in the transport at the exit from the Press, with washing system on the production pallet, which is slightly sloping to run off waste water. This allows a surface finish to be obtained in washed aggregate.

Block marking device

Concrete block machines equipment for marking prefabricated concrete pieces using ink-jet printing. It can be incorporated into any prefabricated concrete installation without the need for any construction work.

Block splitting circuit

By cutting the concrete pieces, this machine allows an attractive surface finish to be achieved that resembles natural stone, with a attractive texture, ensuring that these pieces are adaptable to high quality prestigious projects.

Equipment for facing concrete 

Designed to produce concrete pieces such as paving stones, kerb stones and tiles that need to be highly resilient at their core and have a fine high quality surface finish, either in grey or in colour. Synchronised with the Press.

Cubing systems

To adapt the production area to the requested pallet sizes.

Palletising device

To perform the approach of kerbs 1m long on a metal pallet. Extends the life of the pallets by preventing the kerbs from rubbing against the wooden pallet

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