Concrete block machine – Compacta circuit D

concrete block machine circuit

Compacta is a concrete block machine manufactured by Prensoland which has been recognized worldwide for their robust construction, high technology and excellent quality of finished products such as blocks, pavers, kerbs, american blocks, flooring blocks, bricks and so on. This machine has been developed to ensure maximum return from the very first day.

Compacta is a versatile concrete block machine which will allow you to encrease your profit, wheter if you are producing blocks, pavers or kerbs… Moreover, no matter the textures or shapes you need to manufacture because we will always find the optimum solution for it. You will be able to produce all range of concrete products with a simple mold change, as well as having a competitive price due to low costs of our concrete block machine named Compacta.

The circuit D of our concrete block machine is one of the most complete of the market:

1. Batching plant

Continuos feeding of the necessary concrete for the vibropress. Capacity of mixers from 375 to 3000 litres.

2. Vibro-presse Compacta

It is the core of the plant, producing from 3 to 6 presses per minute, depending on the machina type. Production of blocks, infill blocks, kerbs, etc. according to mould design.  UIT centralizad electric control panel and hydraulic group.

3. Pallet elevador

When the pallets and product leave the press they enter into this element and are stacked to a maximum of 10 storeys (20 or 30 pallets)

4. Transfer finger car

From the elevador, the finger car collects the pallets transferring them to the curing chambers. It returns with cured products from another chamber, placing them in the ballet lowerator.

5. Pallet lowerator

Leaving the lowerator, pallets and product are deposited in the palletizing area, through conveyor num. 2.

6. Gantry type palletizer

Collecting the product from the pallets, it transfers them to the packing are to be stacked and from the final package. It is equipped with sides camping device hydraulically operated and turning at 360º.

7. Stock area

The process finishes with the despatch car, which transports the finished package to the stock and loading area.

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