Side indenting iHCS

Mechanism provided to produce the hollow core slabs with side indenting so that a great additional friction is obtained at the longitudinal joint, following the EuroCode 2, EN1992 and EN1168.
The System mounts a hydraulic actuator mounted on the so-called rectifier mold.

By mean a P. L. C. Mounted inside the electrical control panel, it is possible to define the geometry of the indenting; with a selector switch the operator may select the type of slabs to be produced, with or without side indenting.


  • Mechanism for the production of hollow core slabs with side indenting according the EuroCode 2, EN1992, EN-1168.
  • Hydraulically operated in the finish mould extension.
  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) allows parameterizing the geometry.
  • Two-position selector iHCS / HCS.
  • Reduction of the compression layer.
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